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Without you I'm noting

We Lost an Angel
  • Stand Up

    This whole place is burning down
    this scene is about to show
    what I feel inside
    that I need to try
    I don't need another failure
    that starts a fight for nothing
    I don't think I've ever told you
    that I needed time to stay
    your're gone and I'm done
    it taste like nothing
    stay, cause there's nothing left for me
    don't stop your future is calling
    stand up and scream your name
    without me
    a life through your fading eyes
    a time that we can't deny
    It's a waste of time
    and a tear I've cry
    give me a sign to know when to stop
    cause tonight we're getting older

  • Trust

    I'm still alive
    with no reason why
    but I feel I'm giving up
    and I see right through you
    I fall to the ground
    and brake my heart
    I will never trust you again
    you stole the faith in myself
    I will never trust you again
    I'm still the same
    and nobody cares about that
    I'm here again
    but I think I'm giving up
    and you see right through me
    you broke the rules
    of friendship
    and now I'm strong enough to smile
    I'm invincible
    when you are not around

  • Too Young

    As she was walking away
    her brown eyes turned blue
    she wanted to let it go
    but she couldn't go home
    cause her home was hell
    at midnight, on her knees
    she was praying
    we're too young to live like this
    on burning ropes
    but we're too old to run away
    to scape was the only way
    to find out the truth
    the screams of distress were gone
    and the lights turned on
    as the pain just faded away
    I was waiting for so long
    for you

  • We are falling

    All I want is
    stop faking
    stop crying
    all we know
    it's falling, it falls
    set me free, cause I'm going down
    stay with me, cause tonight I'm done
    what have we done
    to feed this pain, this hate
    and selfishness?

  • Survive

    What have we done?
    our seas and tres
    are fading and burning in fire
    we kill to love
    we love to steal
    the other's pain, is what you desire
    it's hard to understand
    what man can do to survive
    stay calm and shut your mouth
    but I still have something to say
    we rape our souls
    to prove we're man
    you're worst, if you are not marked
    we've broke our world
    to fill your wallet
    this sickness must be destroyed

  • Save me

    I want to get back
    to all those shiny days
    get back, where we were more than friends
    get back, to a place where we once belong
    it's too late
    I'm on the back of the streets
    I'm not ready to go
    So save me
    What you've done to me?
    You know you brake me
    You're bringing me down
    Like I'm lost and found
    Save me
    I'm not ready to go
    Will you save me now?
    Will you save me now?
    I want to get back
    when I could hold your hand
    get back, when I could call you friend
    get back to the place where we once belong

  • Without love

    One step forward
    It's too late to go
    this is not the end
    I feel it too
    I wish you'll wake me up forever
    I'm into you
    Don't stop if you feel loved again
    I can't stop, I can't find another way
    One step closer it's too late to go
    We'll stand here
    And born again
    Without love, could I breath enough to
    face this world of pain?
    Without love, could I say it's over?
    the name of lonelyness
    without love
    I've spent a night to care
    one step closer it's too late to say

  • Believe In Me

    My eyes are blind
    I'm still running
    from everything I've done
    I feel empty all the time
    And I don't need reasons
    or someone by my side
    I just need you to hold my hand
    Call my name
    I'll be there
    Stay with me
    Just believe in me
    Cause I don't think I'll make it
    Without you
    Your eyes were blind
    your rejection
    and everything you've tried

  • To Emma

    Emma's got a secret
    deep inside her chest
    something I was looking for so many ways
    deep inside a feeling
    she keeps a thousand prays
    waiting for the reason
    to shine our way back home
    in your smile
    will I find myself?
    in your eyes
    songs of better days
    and when we met
    will you follow me?
    Emma's got a secret
    deep inside her chest
    a reason to go on
    and face another day
    I'll belong to you
    and you'll belong to me

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